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  Name Akt. Zinssatz Land
Zentralbank Jemen

The Central Bank of Yemen was established in 1971. When the northern and southern sectors of Yemen reunited on 22 May 1990, the Central Bank of Yemen merged with the Bank...

0%  Jemen
Jordanische Zentralbank (CBJ)

The Central Bank of Jordan's main duties include the release and distribution of the Jordanian currency and the maintenance of a national reserve of gold and foreign...

3,75%  Jordanien
Währungsbehörde von Cayman Islands (CIMA)

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) is the primary financial services regulator of the Cayman Islands. The CIMA manages the Cayman Islands currency, regulates...

0%  Kaimaninseln
Nationalbank von Kambodscha (NBC)

The National Bank of Cambodia, located in Phnom Penh, is the central bank of Cambodia. The Bank's duties include the management of monetary and exchange policies, the...

0%  Kambodscha
Bank of Canada (BOC)

Die Bank of Canada (auf Französisch: Banque du Canada) ist die kanadische Zentralbank. Sie wurde mit dem Bank of Canada Act von 1934 mit dem Ziel begründet, "den...

1,00%  Kanada
Bank von Kap Verde

The Bank of Cape Verde is Cape Verde's central bank. It is located in the national capital of Praia on Santiago in Cape Verde. The government established it in 1975 as a...

3,50%  Kap Verde
Nationalbank von Kasachstan

The National Bank represents, within the limits of its authority, the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the relations with the central banks, with banks of other...

9,25%  Kasachstan
Zentralbank von Katar (QCB)

The Qatar Central Bank was originally the Qatar Monetary Agency, founded in 1971 when that country separated from the United Arab Emirates and disengaged itself from...

2,0%  Katar
Zentralbank von Kenia (CBK)

The Central Bank of Kenya was established in 1966 through an Act of Parliament - the Central Bank of Kenya Act of 1966. The establishment of the Bank was a direct result...

7%  Kenya
Nationalbank der kirgisischen Republik (NBKR)

The status, objectives, functions, powers and principles of organization and activity of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic are legislatively determined by the...

7,5%  Kirgisistan
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